My story

I stood there staring at the rapid

I was 46 years old and into my second week of a beginning white water kayaking class facing the rapid of my life. That rapid really scared me. It had already made me "swim" several times.  I learned that trying not to panic while holding my breath upside down in cold, rapidly moving water, with my helmet bouncing along the rocks of a river, are how shall you say, extremely uncomfortable. But I was determined to learn how to roll the kayak when needed and get through that rapid. And, I had a great teacher and lots of support from the other students.

The good news is that I finally conquered my fear, learned to roll and nailed that rapid. After thinking about it, I wondered what other fears I had that I could confront and do something about. The first thing that came up: singing in public.  So I made myself sign up for an open mic. When it was finally my turn, I got up on stage so nervous my leg was shaking. But it was too late to retreat so I just closed my eyes and somehow banged it out.  Two songs acapella. The rush of relief in my body was overwhelming, like coming out the other side of that rapid. Afterwards, several people came up to me saying they appreciated my bravery (they could obviously see my nervousness) and they liked my voice. One woman said she thought I should keep singing.

So, I did.

The last twelve or so years have been a great ride as I've developed my musicality to the point that I can do what I love: eat, drink and play music for hours with my friends.

My intentions

Let's explore our musicality

I believe that everyone has music in them. To be sure, it comes out differently in each of us. Some progress faster than others, others simply resonate with music in their own way, are private about their musicality and don't care to manifest it outwardly.

I want to use this site to tell my story as a "late bloomer", keep expanding my musical abilities, and share my journey in the hope it will inspire and inform others. I also want to work with my musical friends in my local community, with whom I have enjoyed countless days and nights of jamming and merry-making over the years, to offer their perspective on their own musical journey. I intend to cajole them to do so because this site is theirs too. 

My intention here is to simply have a site filled with content that is fun, informative, and inspiring for people who want to become more musical.

Maybe you can benefit from our stories. So please join us, look around and enjoy your own musical discovery.